Why Psuedo-Corporate Culture sucks!

Why can’t people treat work as work? Why won’t they just come on time, leave on time and get back to their personal life? I look at it through the prism of behavioral psychology. Again, if people up the ladder are themselves sappy and worn out. They are not eligible to be the frontrunners.

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Beat her black and blue!

Being the “Raja beta” of any government official comes with much privileges and immunities. I think those very privileges can get you out of a gas chamber and those very those immunities can make you abuse the privileges.

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The King and the Woman

See the running of the king,
I think he’s angry at the swing.
He finds it hard to see the lion,
Overshadowed by the funny ion.
Who is that skipping near the bear? I think she’d like to eat the gear. She is but a silly woman,
Admired as she sits upon a Trueman. Her thoughtful car is just an ache, It needs no gas, it runs on shake. She’s not alone, she brings a pen,

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