The Diary of a Young Girl by Anne Frank

Some people love it when others throw heaps of praise at them. They want it more. It gives them an amazing high. Anne Frank, however, was the exact opposite of them. If she were alive today, she would have surely been bored of the world praising her all the time.

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My Samosa lookin like a Snac!!

Humans create beautiful and admirable things. One of them is the Samosa. Another is the Burger. A Samosa is made with so much love, care, and oil while Burger is an industrial product.
You can imagine the dapper Samosa chugging beers upside down in honor of being healthier than burger according to the report of CSE.

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What happens after death?

Is there an afterlife? That can only be explained by people up above the sky having samosa and cutting chai in breezy summers. Afterlife to me is a beautiful zombie apocalypse that begins in an alternate reality. The concept of the afterlife is titillating to me.

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Now, I love my menstruation days!

I am a woman roaring 40s this year. In my all conscious, I declare that I love my menstruation days. I never knew that I could fall in love with my bloody periods. The journey began at 13 and at the very first instance, did not understand as usual what is happening to me? Why I am bleeding? I was not given the “talk”.

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